2 years ago we felt the urge to create awareness on the plastic soup polluting our oceans and its marine life. We created an event: the ZeroPlasticWeek.

The ZeroPlasticWeek is a challenge to not buy plastic for 1 week. Participants are triggered to look for alternatives for daily items such as plastic bags and vegetables wrapped in plastic.

The first year, 2012, our efforts were mainly focused in the Netherlands and more than 1500 people accepted the challenge! The success and active participation were overwhelming. People were blogging their daily experiences, sharing creative solutions and tips on social media and the ZeroPlasticWeek was extensively covered in local, regional and national media, in newspapers and on TV and Radio.

Due to the overwhelming success the 1st year, we decided to repeat the challenge, make it an annual event and expand internationally. Last year that meant that the challenge was being organised in 12 countries in 7 languages. In 2014 we want to go even bigger! And that’s were you come in!

In order to make ZeroPlasticWeek this year an even bigger success on a global scale. We are looking for ambassadors from every imaginably place in the world, who want to help us in at least one or all of the below suggested ways:

  • Social media: We use Facebook and Twitter to keep people informed, share info, tips &tricks. We are looking for people to create national twitter accounts, Facebook event pages, etc. and administer them for their respective countries (eg Zero Plastic Week France)

  • Press officers: We will send out 2 press releases leading up to the week. These need to be translated and send out as widely as possible to the media. Besides that we are looking for people that can be press contacts in their country.

  • Spread the word: sign people up on the street, hold booths at festivals, create events to promote the week, etc.

The week starts on June 9 and ends on June 15, 2014.

All and any help is welcome!

Let us know how and where you wish to partake by responding to this call out via: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

We will help to get you started or connect you to the group organizing ZeroPlasticWeek 2014 in your country.

Note: We are a group of concerned citizens. We are all volunteers. We are mainly self-funded and seek funds only from organisations and companies that are working to reduce our impact on this earth. We welcome each and every way that people want to help spread the challenge and make this year an even bigger success on a global scale. We only ask that any activity regarding ZeroPlasticWeek is done in a friendly, respectful and peaceful way as we want to engage people and get them involved. Unfortunately at this point we cannot offer any funding of any kind, only our help, guidance, tips and tricks.


Plastic free greetings,

The ZeroPlasticWeek Team


We hope to cease the stream of waste by tackling the problem at its origin: consuming less plastic. We are not against all plastic, but mainly the unnecessary wrappings and plastic bags which often serve no purpose. Our mission is to live in balance with our environment.

Go for
clean oceans join the ZeroPlasticWeek


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